Four Paws Inn is an all-inclusive
boarding facility​ for dogs, cats, and
exotic animals in Greenville, NC. 
Amenities include a warm homey
atmosphere, exercise and play time, 
TV, and lots of tender loving care. 
The Inn offers sixteen suites and 
eighteen laminate cages for dogs.  
Regular suites are approximately 30 
square feet in size and large suites are 
approximately 54 square feet in size, 
both featuring Plexiglas doors.  
Laminate cages are available if all 
suites are reserved, or for smaller 
dogs that do not require the space of a suite.  These cages are warm and comfortable and the dogs staying in them will enjoy all the playtime and activity given to our suite guests. For indoor entertainment, dogs will be able to exercise in the play area with all kinds of toys and our staff members, people-watch out of the two picture windows, or they can just nap on one of our comfy therapeutic beds offered in each suite.  We also have Animal Planet showing daily on seven flat screen televisions throughout the indoor area.  For those pups who enjoy the outdoors, there are two enclosed outside areas where they can bask in the sun, lounge in the shade, or run through the sprinklers. Fifty laminate condos are available for those purrfect cats that come for a stay at the Inn.  Single condos are approximately 5 square feet and double condos are approximately 10 square feet in size, both featuring sleeping ledges.  Cats are given plenty of time to roam free in the enclosed cat room, people-watch out of the large picture window, climb and play on the cat jungle gym, or nap in their condo while listening to the gentle rolling ocean surf or birds chirping in the wilderness. Four Paws Inn also offers daycare Monday through Friday and boarding for exotic pets such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, and reptiles.  Exotic pets will need to bring their own cage, food and any other items required for their daily care.
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